"How to Make Martabak Mie"

Introduction: "How to Make Martabak Mie"

Hai .. i want to make some delicious food called "martabak mie"


1. 4 eggs
2. Cooking oil
3. Instant noodles (dry base)
4. Leek
5. Chilli powder

Step 1:

Slice the leeks into a small chives

Step 2:

Boil water for cook the noodles

Step 3:

After the water is heated enough, add the noodles into boil water

Step 4:

After the noodles is already cook, drain the water because its dry base.
Then mix all the powder and sauce in the noodles

Step 5:

After all the powder and sauces mix, crack 4 eggs into the noodles, then stir the eggs until it all mix with the noodles.
And don't forget to add the leeks and chilli powder and mix it again

Step 6:

After that, heat the cooking oil.
After it's heated enough add the noodles and don't forget to flip it
Wait until its cooked

Step 7:

After its cooked, served it in a plate then you can enjoy the delicious martabak mie. You can eat it with rice or noodles too or you can just eat it with nothing because it's already delicous.

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