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Introduction: How to Make Merit Badges

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This traditional girl scout/ boy scout craft got a remake this year thanks to the Etsy fabric labs. If you missed making one for someone you love this past year for the annual international meet-ups, you can still purchase the fabric here.

You can also make one yourself by tracing teacup bottoms on scrap fabric. This is a great way to stretch those left-over odds and ends you may have laying around your sewing room.

You will need:

Fabric (Scraps Are Fine)
Safety Pin
Optional (Teacup or small circle to trace on fabric)

Etsy Craft Party Merit Badge

Step 1: Trace and Cut Out Your Badge

Step 2: Sew the Two Halves Together With a Blanket Stitch

Place the two pieces of the badge together and use a blanket stitch to sew around the edges. A blanket stitch is a modified version of a normal stitch that is done by overcasting over the edge to hold it in place. If you knit, this should look familar. If you don't, watch this short awesome youtube video on how to make a blanket stitch.

Step 3: Add Safety Pin

Take a safety pin and work it through the back. Voila you're done. A nice easy scout project that takes 10-20 minutes to complete on average. Great group project.

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    The badges look so great! I love the different sewing techniques that it's teaching, along with having awesome end results!

    Haus Page
    Haus Page

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, it worked really well. I would recommend this for your local troop if you guys are working on your sewing badge for a doable project that everyone can complete successfully in a group setting with little to no trouble. We had roughly 200 people do it for the night as a sewing station (5-10 people at a time) and everyone made theirs in under 30 min with no problems. Plus Spoonflower has them pre-printed. You can't go wrong.