Introduction: How to Make Metal/Mecha Sonic Out of Clay

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Here I will show you how to make Metal Sonic out of Crayola air dry clay .
All you will need is:
-Crayola air-dry clay
-Krazy Glue
-A small drill bit
-And of course patience

Step 1: The Shoes

First we start with the shoes.
Metal Sonic's shoes are 2 pieces with a gear in the middle,
So first we will start by making half a tear drop.
Once the tear drop is made, cut it in half width wise.
Then make a cylinder.
This will be the gear that goes in the middle.
After that use slip to bond it strongly.
After that we move on to the legs.
They are made by rolling a piece of clay and pinching it at the top with a sharp tip.
The thing with joining them together is that the pieces are too small and the slip won't stick them right.
So for this I used the drill bit to put a hole in the bottom of the leg and in the middle of the cylinder.

Step 2: Making the Body

For the body you make a small ball and you pinch the top of it to make it look like a teardrop.
Now you carve the bottom of it to make the hood for the turbine.
Then use a drill bit about 3 millimeters less in diameter than the body.
After that drill the front of the body, but not all the way through just a little bit.
Using your finger nail, just make a circle in the back to make the exit of the turbine.
Use two balls of clay and make two shoulder pads.
They look alot like Sonic's ears so that might make it easier.
Use slip to glue them to the body.

Step 3: Making the Head

To make the head you just have to make a ball a little bigger than the body.
Use some clay and slip to make the three tips of his head and the ears.
Once they are done we carve out the eyes . Go about 1 millimeter deep.
After that put some wet clay under the eyes and make the cheeks.
Also put a lump of wet clay on the back to make the back of the head.
When dry use the small drill bit under the head and on top of the body.
Cut a small portion of the toothpick to fit both the head and the body.
After that put some Krazy Glue in both holes and put the small piece of toothpick in both .
Now the head and the body are together.
When it is all done make the nose which should be pointy.
I reinforced it with Krazy Glue.

Step 4: The Arms

The arms are basically like the legs and are only about 2 millimeters shorter.
Make a small flat square and using leftover clay, make the figer tips.
The finger tips should be pointy.
To connect the hand to the arm I used the same method as the head to the body.
After that use the same method with the arm and the body.

Step 5: Don't Forget About the Legs.

Unfortunately I coud not get a picture from here but this step is the same as the last.

Step 6: Painting Metal Sonic

Time to get Painting.
The paints that you will need will be:
-Shiny Blue
-Shiny Silver
-yellow (for the turbine, ears, and Top of hands)
-Red (for the eyes and back of the turbine
-And Black
Good Luck!

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