Introduction: How to Make Mini Conveyor

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Today I am making a mini conveyor by using very basic items ,conveyer is a machine which transport items from one place to another place by the help of rollers so I create a small model ,if you like to see in detail please watch the video and vote for this tutorial.

Step 1: Things We Need

4 inches by 7 inches board x 2

6 by 4 inches board

7 inches by 3 inches board

sticks x 2

3 inches pvc pipes x 2

pvc caps x 5

Gear Motor

3 inches sticks x 6

sand paper

6 inches sticks x 2

Rubber tube


Step 2: Attach Rollers

Make 1 inches lenght and height holes on upper corners of boards , put the pvc caps over pvc pipes, insert sticks in the holes and then put pvc pipes over it so the sticks goes from inside then from another board

put the 4 by 6 inches board in the center and tighten it with screws

Step 3: Attaching Motor

Place hot glue inside the pvc cap and put it over the motor shaft take dimension of where the stick will be attached then cut the stick and put it in the hole of pvc cap and superglue it ,take 3 inches by 7 inches board and place it over the motor and secure the motor with superglue

Step 4: Finising Moves

Place rubber tube over the roller strecth it enough so it won't have any free space then put superglue on the joints also superglue the 3 inches sticks on the tube after 4 inches length ,our mini conveyor is ready for use please see the video for more details and it;s working ,if you like this video please vote for this instructable .

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