How to Make Mini Subwoofer Amplfier Using TPA3118 Mono

Introduction: How to Make Mini Subwoofer Amplfier Using TPA3118 Mono

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In this article I will make a subwoofer amplifier using the TPA3118 Mono Mini Amplifier module. I will add a subwoofer filter circuit to this amplifier. So that this amplifier can be used for subwoofer speakers.

TPA3118 is a mini Amplifier that is quite popular in my place. With a small size, this amplifier has a pretty good performance. the sound produced is also quite good.

Step 1: Component Required

The components needed to make this subwoofer amplifier are quite a lot. so I can't list them one by one here. but I have provided file that lists the required components. You can view and download it below

Step 2: Schematics and Layouts

You can see the schematic and layout in the image above. or if you want to download it, below is the PDF file

Step 3: Making PCB

to maximize the module that I created. Of course the PCB must be of good quality and look attractive. for that I ordered PCB from PCBWay, because By making PCB on PCBway you can get High Quality 10 PCs PCBs for only $ 5 & new member First order Free: the time needed to produce the PCB is also quite fast

The results are good and in accordance with the design I sent. The materials used are of good quality so they are not easily damaged. To make a PCB on PCBWay, You can visit website and upload your PCB file there.

gerber files are needed to make / print PCBs at the factory, so I provide the gerber files for those of you who want to print them too.

Step 4: Assembly Step

Time to install all the components. for the installation of smd components, I still manually use a soldering iron so it takes a long time to work. In the future, I will try to use steam solder to install SMD components to make it faster.

Step 5: Test Preparation

For testing, several materials are needed. Here are the materials I used in testing:

  • 6" subwoofer speakers
  • Power Supply 15V 4A
  • 3.5mm . jack
  • Smartphone for audio IN

Step 6: Result

because what I made is an audio module, so you can only see and hear the results in the video above.

thank you for reading this article. hopefully useful and see you in the next article

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