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Maidenhair Ferns are finicky plant divas, but sure are beautiful. These ferns do not tolerate dry soil and require a lot of moisture. In this project, I made a planter that will provide moisture for the fern plant when it is kept indoors or in a dry area.
Indoor Gardening Hacks Mist Planter for Maidenhair Ferns. ☘️🌿 Learn how to take care of ferns.


1. White cement & Marble dust,

2. Rubber gloves, balloons

3. Hot Glue

4. Mist maker Kit:

5. Glass stones for decoration

Step 1: Making Cement Mixture

Add marble dust, or white sand (optional) in 1:1 ratio and an equal proportion of water. And mix them together to make a runny-mix. Something like I did in the picture/video.

Step 2: Creating the Sphere

Add the cement mixture in the balloon using a funnel. I used a bottle to make a make-shift funnel.
Inflate the balloon and evenly distribute the mixture inside the balloon. Remember not to inflate it very tight or very loose. The thing you should keep in mind that the sphere/balloon must fit your gloves(the base I have covered in the next step).

And let it dry.

Step 3: Making the Base Using Rubber Gloves

I used disposable rubber gloves to make the hand that holds the sphere.

Insert the cement mixture in a pair of gloves and let them sit on a curved bottom bowl. Add some weight from above. The weight must have a round bottom as well. This will help the hand take the right shape to hold the sphere. And let it dry.

Step 4: Uncover and Colour the Hand

After the gloves have fully hardened cut the gloves and bring out the hands carefully. And colour them with spray paint for an even finish. Here I used golden spray colour.

Step 5: Uncover the Sphere

Gently cut the balloon off the sphere. Crack open the sphere from the weakest part of it. Start cracking with a sharp and metallic object eg. small scissors.

What if the sphere doesn't form or cracks during the drying process?

That is a definite chance to happen. You must evenly distribute the cement mixture before letting it set and cure. And do not disturb after placing it. If a minimal crack occurs, try to start cracking from that area further.

Step 6: Decorating

This step adds some glamour to it. Small glass stones attached to the body using hot glue just briightens up the whole project.

Step 7: Installing the Mist Maker

I had to purchase this mist maker from amazon, you can find the link in the supplies. This comes with a 12volt adapter. This is just plugged and play type so it is very easy to install. Add some water to submerge the mister and plug in the adapter.

The base of the plant is just ready now to produce moisture.

Place the fern planter on to it.

Step 8: How It Works and Looks Nice at the Same Time!

Maidenhair ferns are one of the most delicate plants and it is not recommended for beginners. I know many hobbyists who have killed their ferns a few times including me, almost.

This is the first maidenhair fern I have with me for 6 months. And as a beginner to this variant, I was struggling at the beginning, the leaves were exfoliating and the edges were getting dark. I made a mistake repotting it as I came to know that they don't like to be repotted. Though taking intensive care by repositioning it in shades and protecting it from direct sun, keeping it near the window seal both from indoor and outdoor, I was seeing it dying in front of me. It lost 90% of its leaves and branches. And I stopped all the cares for it and left it with my other potted plants outside on a tray, half-filled with pebbles and water. I kept watering all my pots on a regular basis and started to see the plant improving by itself. The rainy season and the moisture it gained from its surrounded pots and plants saved it from dying.

After experiencing it first hand that this plant needs a lot of moisture. And after it recovered fully outside I transferred it indoor in this mist planter base. It has been two months I made this and using it since the plant is very healthy at the moment.

I live in the eastern part of India, a tropical country, it is very hot and humid here and the sun is very strong outside. This plant will not survive in too much sun outside thus a setup like this is helping it very much. I have placed the setup near the window in my room.

Step 9: The Full Making Video

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