Introduction: How to Make Music Reactive ARGB Led Lights

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Hi, in this instructable i will show u how to make music reactive rgb led strip in very simple way, it produces various colorful transistions while playing your favourite music

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Step 1: Video Link Https:// watch this video for amazing colorful light transitions from this project

Step 2: Circuit Diagram and Codes

Copy paste this code in arduino ide and make sure u check out number of LED being used in your strip, in my case its 60 (recommended to use this because using larger number of LED's need seperate power source and may fry arduino nano as it draws lots of power)

Step 3: Requirements

  • Sound sensor
  • Breadboard
  • Arduino nano
  • ARGB LED strip

Step 4: Preparing Board

Follow the circuit diagram and upload the code using Arduino IDE to nano board, i have used power bank to power this

Step 5: Finishing

Keep the sound sensor near speaker and let the arduino work its magic for you, ThankYou for Watching, Support by sharing this instrucatable with your family and friends

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