Introduction: How to Make NBA Basketball Board Game From Cardboard DIY at Home

Materials you will need-


-White board marker



-Ping pong balls

-Wooden sticks

-Candy sticks

-Glue gun

-Bottle cap

-Rubber band

-Paper cups

-Pen knife

Step 1: Take a 60cm * 30cm Piece of Cardboard and Make the Markings As Shown. Stick 5 Cm High Cardboard Pieces on These Markings.

Step 2: Take Cardboard Pieces As Shown and Follow the Instructions in the Following Image.

Step 3: Make Basketballs Using Ping Pong Balls and the Black Marker. Cover the Bottom of the Game With a 30cm * 10cm Piece of Cardboard.

Step 4: Take a 50 Cm High Cardboard Piece With a Round Top and Width 30 Cm. Place It on the Back Side of the Game.

Step 5: Make a 5 Cm Wide Square Hole for an Outlet in the Cardboard As Shown. Fix a Cardboard Piece to Collect the Balls Falling From the Outlet.

Step 6: Take a Cardboard Cutout of 30cm *20cm. Place a Piece of Pencil on It As Shown.

Step 7: Cut a Circular Cardboard Piece With a 10cm Diameter and Taper End. Make a Hole in It Using a Pencil.

Step 8: Take Four 3cm Wide Square Pieces of Cardboard, and Place Them Together As Shown. Cover the Top.

Step 9: Take 6 Cm Long Wooden Sticks and Insert Them Into the Cardboard As Shown. Glue a Candy Stick in Between As Shown.

Step 10: Stick a Bottle Cap on the Candy Stick As Shown. Place a Rubber Band on the Wooden Sticks to Allow the to and Fro Movement of the Candy Stick.

Step 11: Place This on the Piece of Pencil on the Cardboard. Now, Place This Entire Cardboard on the Main Cardboard. Insert a Wooden Stick Through a Small Circular Piece of Cardboard and Super Glue It As Shown.

Step 12: Make Holes in the Paper Cup As Shown to Form the Basket. Make As Many Such Baskets As Desired.

Step 13: Take a 10cm * 7 Cm Piece of Cardboard to Form the Board of the Basket. Glue the Basket on It As Shown.

Step 14: Apply Glue to the Back of the Basket, and Glue It to a 16cm High Piece of Cardboard As Shown. Place It on the Main Cardboard.

Step 15: Stick the Baskets on the Main Cardboard and Label in Your Desired Manner. Your NBA Basketball Board Game Is Ready!

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