How to Make Ombre Crystal Cluster Earrings




Introduction: How to Make Ombre Crystal Cluster Earrings

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Are you ready for making this couple of ombre crystal cluster earrings? It is so diverting to make ombre earrings and also very fit for autumn season. Follow me!

Step 1: Materials on How to Make Crystal Earrings:

4mm acrylic plating golden beads

6mm clear crystal beads

6mm light yellow crystal beads

6mm golden crystal beads

6mm brown crystal beads

Golden headpins

Mixed sized golden jumprings

Earring hooks

Wire cutting plier

Round nose plierFlat plier

Step 2: Make One Bead Dangle

slide an acrylic golden bead and a clear crystal bead to a headpin, make a loop by round nose plier, the bead link pattern is done;

Step 3: Make the Rest Bead Dangles for Crystal Cluster Earrings

2nd, according to the method on 1st, make 8 clear crystal bead dangles, 12 light yellow crystal bead dangles, 16 golden crystal bead dangles and 16 brown crystal bead dangles;

Step 4: Cluster the Links to Make Dangles

connect 8 clear bead dangles to a 8mm jumpring, then add one more jumpring to the the first jumpring, do the same to make other three different colored crystal bead dangles links;

Step 5: Connect the Bead Links

1st, you should make a jumprings link first, connect one 6mm jumpring, two 4mm jumprings, one 6mm jumprings and two 4mm jumprings together in order, then connect an earring hook to the first 6mm jumpring, the jumprings link is done;

2nd, connect the clear crystal bead link to the jumprings link first, then connect light yellow crystal bead link, golden crystal bead link and brown crystal bead link one by one, the ombre crystal cluster earring has been finished now;

Step 6: Repeat to Do the Other One

continue to make the other ombre crystal cluster earring.

Step 7: Ready to Show Off Your Pretty Work!

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