Introduction: How to Make Oobleck

How to make a fun, creative and cheap slime like substance that's easy to make and easy to clean!!!

If your looking for a fun way to pass some time or if the kids are playing too much video games this a fun way to get out of their rooms and enjoy some arts and crafts time.

(this is not meant to be eaten or swallowed, mainly for play and amusement)


Step 1: Collect Your Materials!!!

Materials needed and prices (prices listed from Walmart):

- 1 Bottle/Gallon of water: $0.94

- 1 box of Argo Cornstarch: $1.56

- Paper bowl: $3.97 (cheaper options can be used such as using bowls from home)

- Food coloring (any color) (optional): $2.98

- Paper towels (optional): $1.48

- plastic utensils (optional): $0.97

- Plastic wrap (optional): $1.88

- Measuring cups (optional): $2.32

Most of these items a can be found in your household, but If you possess none of these items Walmart has all of these materials at fairly cheap prices. Total: $16.74 (prices may vary depending on what materials you need)

Step 2: Prepare Oobleck Station

- Layout 1 or two sheets of paper towels and then place your a bowl on top of said paper towels.

Step 3: Pour Corn Starch

- using one of the plastic spoons you bought (or any spoon as it does not matter which you use) fill the bowl with 4 spoonful’s of cornstarch powder.

- there is no need to round off the spoon, just pour what you scooped into the bowl.

Step 4: Add Water

- fill the measuring cup half way to the tope with water.

Step 5: Mix

Mix the water and corn starch together with your spoon or hands, (can be a new or the same spoon) until you cannot see anymore cornstarch powder, if more water is needed then add some according to how much you believe is needed.

- Depending on if you want the Ooblek to be more "liquid/watery" add slightly more water

- Depending on if you want the Ooblek to be more "solid/dry" add more corn starch

Step 6: Add Food Coloring (optional)

- Add 3 drops of food coloring (any color you desire)into a spoon or directly into the bowl

Step 7: Mix in Food Coloring

- Mix until color has settled and spread throughout the Oobleck.

- Stir mixture slowly, the slower the Oobleck moves the better the color will settle in.

- Be careful when stirring, the Oobleck can sometimes shoot out of the bowl if stirring is too fast.

Step 8: Final Product

- This is what your final mix can look like, it all depends on if you want your Oobleck to be like.

- Have fun and enjoy the weird substance that is Oobleck!!!

- Oobleck is best when the surface is slightly hard and your finger cant quickly go through to the bottom.

Step 9: Clean Up (Optional)

- You always want to clean up the mess you made, and its no different here, these materials can spill very easily so there might always be something to clean up.

- Use the paper towels and clean up any mess if there is one

- Oobleck is easy to wash off with soap and warm water, the food coloring can stain many things such as cloths and fingers, so make sure to wash them out quickly if they touch the food coloring.

Step 10: Store Oobleck (optional)

- Use the plastic wrap to cover the top of the bowl

- Place the Oobleck in your refrigerator and comeback to it whenever and have fun all over again.