How to Make Oreo Truffles #HMS2018

Introduction: How to Make Oreo Truffles #HMS2018

Oreo Truffles are a great party dessert. They take about and hour to make and 24 hours for it to be done. It will be slightly messy so be prepared to clean and make sure to wash your hands before starting anything.

Serving size: 36-50 Truffles

Things you'll need:

One package of Oreo's (I prefer the regular kinds)

1 package of Cream cheese

1 bag of Candy chocolate melts

A rolling pin

A potato masher

One pan

One zip-lock bag

One mixing bowl

One microwaveable bowl

50 mini cupcake liners

Your refrigerator/ freezer

Step 1: Crushing the Oreo's

Start by putting the whole package of Oreo's into the zip-lock bag. Then, squeeze all the air out of the zip-lock bag and start to crush the Oreo's with the rolling pin. Make sure to crush the Oreo's until they are smaller than the size of an almond. Once you've crushed the Oreo's, remove them from the zip-lock bag and into the mixing bowl. Now, add the one package of cream cheese and start to mush it with the crushed Oreo's.

Step 2: Rolling the Cream Cheese Oreo Mix

After you've mixed the cream cheese and Oreo's together, start to roll it and make sure they are bite-sized. Put them on the pan and once you've used up all the mixture put them into your freezer for about five minutes. You want them to cool down before you cover them in chocolate. Make sure when you take them out of your freezer , that they are not soft.

Step 3: Melting the Candy Melts and Covering the Oreo Mixture

Now, you want to put the whole bag of candy melts into your microwaveable bowl. Put them into the microwave for about 30 seconds and once it's done, you want to mix it. Repeat this until your candy melts are thick and liquefied. Then, you want to take your rolled Oreo mixtures and cover them in the candy melts. When you are satisfied with how much you want to cover your Oreo mixture with the candy melts, take your mini cupcake liner and place the truffle inside. Repeat until your all your rolled truffles are done. After you've done this, put your truffles back on the pan and put them in your fridge over night to cool down.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Since you've put your Oreo truffles in the fridge to cool down,the next day you can finally eat them.

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    Tip 5 years ago

    These look awesome! The step by step pics are really good, too. (just a tip: you should post the picture of the finished truffles in the INTRO so that it shows up on the cover) :)

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    These are really fun to make with kids. I put the oreos in a plastic bag and give my son a rubber mallets. He has a blast breaking up the cookies.