Introduction: How to Make Organizer Box Craft From Pears Soapbox?

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Organizers hold a vital role when it comes to keeping a messy table or dressing table clean or organized. Again, the decorative pieces add to the decoration of your tables too. But why waste money on the ones available in the market when you can easily make them at home through the best out of waste craft ideas!

Yes, today we shall learn how to make a beautiful organizer by using the empty pears soapbox that you generally throw after using it.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Empty pears soapbox
  • Ice cream sticks
  • Artificial flowers
  • Color paper and glitter sheet
  • Beads, metal wire,and rubber
  • Marker and scale
  • Cutter and scissors

Here is what you have to do with the things you have gathered to make an organizer.

Step 2: Let's Take an Empty Soap Box!

  • Take an empty box of Pears soap. Take a marker and a scale. On the sides of the cardboard box, make slant lines just an inch below the opening. On the opening side and back side, make a straight line combining the two slant points. This would separate half of the box.

Step 3: Let's Stick the Openings!

  • Take the upper part of the box and stick the openings using some glue.

Step 4: Let's Cover the Box!

  • Take some color paper and cover the entire box using the color paper. Fold the edges properly for a finishing touch. Also, cover the upper part of the cardboard box using the color paper.

Step 5: Let's Stick the Edges!

  • Take a cello tape and stick the edges of the back part of the cardboard box to give it an opening. Stick the cello tape in the inner side.

Step 6: Let's Cut the Ice-cream Sticks!

  • Now take some ice cream sticks. Cut about an inch from one end, and cut the corners giving it a round shape. Smooth the cut corners. (You can also take the measurement of the box horizontally for cutting the ice cream sticks) Cut all the ice cream sticks with similar measurement.

Step 7: Let's Stick Ice Cream Sticks on Box!

  • Using some fine glue, stick the ice cream sticks on the cardboard box. Leave a small strip like the gap between the ice cream sticks. Also, cover the opening of the box in the same way.
  • Now take the ice cream stick and take the measurement of the side of the box. Make a slant marking of the opening on the stick and cut it similarly. After cutting, stick the ice cream sticks down and on the opening and on the opposite side too.

Step 8: Let's Stick Ice Cream Sticks on Top!

  • Similarly, take the measurement of the box top using the ice cream sticks, cut them and stick them on the top too.

Step 9: Let's Fix Rubber Band & Pearl!

  • Take a rubber, bead and metal wire. Using a pointer, make a hole between the sticks on the opening. Enter the rubber using the pointer in the hole. Now take the wire and enter the bead inside it. Make a hole in the bottom side of the box with a pointer and enter the wire inside. Fix it inside properly. This makes an opening and closing button for your box.

Step 10: Let's Stick Beads at the Bottom!

  • On the bottom of the box, stick four beads on the corners to give the box some height.

Step 11: Let's Stick Flower & Glitter Sheet!

  • For further decoration, take some artificial flowers and stick them on the front lower side of the box. Take a glitter sheet and stick it inside the box on the bottom.

Step 12: Conclusion

Wasn’t that easy to make! The organizer is widely used for storing jewelry items or some other precious belongings. You can also use colors for decorating the box by coloring the ice cream sticks or other decoration ideas too.

So, how are you going to decorate your organizer? Tell us your innovative decoration ideas too.