Introduction: How to Make Others Smile

Being a happy individual is one thing but making those around you just as happy can be a daunting task. This instructable will help you share your happiness with the world and brighten everyone's day!

Step 1: Make Conversation

Unless they're a hermit, people usually enjoy talking to other people and we can use this! Humans are by nature social creatures and we crave social interactions even if we don't always show it. Simply making conversation with a stranger in the elevator or a new person in your class could make that person's day!

**Note: making conversation does not include harassment of any kind and should never be negative**

Step 2: Compliment Correctly

We all know someone whose compliments just come out the wrong way and just plain sound creepy...don't be that person. A compliment can be a wonderful thing but only if done correctly. Tip #1 do not focus on physical features rather focus on things that make that person unique. Example: "You're looking good today" focuses too heavily on a person's physical appearance of which they may be self conscious and has the potential to come off the wrong way. A better example would be "You stuck to your guns in that debate"; this example compliments someone on their experience, the key here is a person has control over what they do and not over what they look like.

Step 3: Smile

It's as easy as it sounds! If you smile, it is contagious! Similarly, smiling actually improves your mood which makes you more approachable, sociable, and more fun to be around. For those times where you are not in a great mood, smiling can help or seeing someone else smiling at you could improve your own mood.

Step 4: Be Yourself

The most important aspect of making others happy is being yourself because if the people around you aren't happy when you're being yourself, you should be around different people. Also, being yourself requires being relaxed enough to confidently be yourself.