Introduction: How to Make PENCIL Sharpener MACHINE From Cardboard DIY at Home/SCHOOL

Materials you will need-


-100 RPM DC Motor

-Glue Gun



-Bottle cap

-9V battery

-On/Off switch

Step 1: Take 2 Square Pieces of Cardboard, 5cm Each, and Stick Them on Either Side of the DC Motor As Shown.

Step 2: Do the Soldering Process As Shown.

Step 3: Cover the Top With a 5cm * 3.5cm Cardboard Piece, Which Has a Square Hole As, Shown.

Step 4: On the Sharpener, Make a Dot Where the Tip of the Pencil Will Be.

Step 5: Glue the Bottle Cap to the Motor As Shown. Fix the Sharpener Over the Bottle Cap Vertically As Shown. Match the Dot With the Centre of the Shaft.

Step 6: Glue the Battery to the Cardboard. Place the On/off Switch As Shown, and Connect It to the Wire of the Motor. Connect Them to the Battery.

Step 7: Take a 10cm * 8cm Piece of Cardboard. Glue It to a 10cm * 3.5cm Piece of Cardboard As Shown.

Step 8: Take a 10cm * 4.5cm Piece of Cardboard With a Slot for the On/off Switch and Glue It to the Top As Shown. Place the Switch.

Step 9: Cover the Back Side With a 7.5cm * 3.5cm Piece of Cardboard.

Step 10: Make the Following Cardboard Cutouts of the Given Measurements. Glue Them Together As Shown. Place This Box Inside the Sharpener Machine.

Step 11: Cover the Front With 2 Cardboard Pieces of the Given Measurements. Make a Hole in the Top Piece to Insert the Pencil.

Step 12: Stick a Bottle Cap to the Bottom Piece to Act As a Knob. Label As Desired. Your Pencil Sharpener Machine Is Ready!

Step 13: Watch the Video for a Detailed Tutorial!