How to Make PLINKO Money Making Board Game From Cardboard DIY

Introduction: How to Make PLINKO Money Making Board Game From Cardboard DIY

Learn how to make a fun DIY at home for kids ! Presenting the PLINKO Money Making Board Game in just 15 steps.

Plinko is a popular pricing game and was first played on America’s popular TV Show- The Price Is Right.

Materials you will need:

- Cardboard

- Glue Gun

- Superglue

- Gluesticks

- Fevicol

- Long wooden sticks

- Toothpicks

- Candy Sticks

- Acetate Sheet/ Thick Plastic Sheet

- Cardboard Cutter

- Pen Knife Cutter

- Coloured Papers

Step 1: Take a 30cm * 5cm Cardboard Strip and a 5cm * 6cm Cardboard Piece. Stick the Small Cardboard Pieces on the Cardboard Strip at Intervals of 3 Cm. Stick Another 30cm * 5cm Cardboard Strip on Top of That.

Step 2: ​Cut Out Cardboard Pieces of 6cm * 3cm and Stick a Blue Colour Paper on It. Stick Them in the Alternate Compartments As Shown.

There Will Be Two Players, Hence Two Colours Will Be Used in This Game. You Can Select Any Colours of Your Choice; I Have Selected the Colours Red and Blue. Next, stick a strip of blue paper on one of the outside edges of the box.

Step 3: Cut Out Two Equal Pieces of Gluestick and Stick Them Onto the Blue Edge of the Box. Attach a Candy Stick Onto the Gluestick Pieces. This Will Be the Handle of the Drawer.

Step 4: Repeat Step 1, 2 and 3 and Make the Second Colour Box.

Step 5: Cut a Cardboard Piece With Measurements As Shown in the Picture.

Step 6: I Am Using a Coin of 2.3 Cm Diameter, Hence I Made Holes at 3 Cm Distance in Every Row.

According to the diameter of the coin you are using, the distance of the holes will be decided.

Step 7: Cut Pieces of Wooden Sticks or Toothpicks Which Are 1 Cm in Length.

Step 8: Cut Cardboard Pieces of 3cm * 3cm and Stick the Two Colour Papers on Them. Stick Them Alternatively on the Bottom of the Board As Shown in the Picture.

Step 9: Take 1 Cm Wide Cardboard Strips and Stick Them on the Edges of the Board As Shown in the Picture Below.

Step 10: Stick More 1 Cm Wide Cardboard Pieces on the Edges of the Coloured Pieces As Shown. This Will Form Compartments.

Step 11: Take an Acetate Sheet/ a Thick Plastic Sheet and Cover the Board.

Step 12: Cut a T-shaped Piece of Cardboard With the Dimensions As Shown.

Step 13: Cut Another Rectangular Piece of Cardboard 31cm * 11cm and Attach It on the Mid- Horizontal Edge of the T-shaped Piece.

Step 14: Also Cut Out 2 Small Pieces of 11.5cm * 6.5cm and Stick It on the Corners of the T-shaped Piece As Shown.

Step 15: Cut Out Two Pieces With the Dimensions As Shown in the Picture and an Angular Edge. Take a Cardboard Strip Measuring 6cm * 30cm and Stick It on the Back of the Angular Pieces.

Step 16: Place Both the Drawers and the Board Onto the Stand As Shown in the Pictures Below.

Step 17: Your Game Is Now Ready!

Step 18: Watch the Video for a Detailed Tutorial!

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