Introduction: How to Make PVC Letters (H and G)

Gather all materials needed for both letters:

90 degree outlets (2)
T-side outlets (2)
45 degree outlets (5)
5 3/4" pvc pipe (4)
2" pvc pipe (7)
6" pvc pipe (1)

Step 1: Creating the H

1) Begin by inserting two 5 3/4" pvc pipe into the t-side outlets. Make sure it isn't the opening that will hold the cross of the H.

2) Repeat this so that both t-side outlets now have the two pvc pipes inserted into the sides of the tside outlets

3) Connect both sides that were just created by inserting the 6" pvc into the two t-side openings that are facing inwards.

Step 2: Creating the G

1) Begin by inserting the 2" pvc (5) pipe into the 45 degree outlets (5) . This will become the basic curve shape of the G.

2) After all those pieces are connected, insert the pvc that is sticking out of the t-side outlet (this is on the bottom) into one of the 90 degree outlets.

3) Insert another 2" pvc pipe into the  90 degree outlet that was just inserted, then insert the last 90 degree outlet onto the end of the pipe so that it is facing in towards the middle of the letter.

4) Insert the final 2" pvc pipe so that it creates the final part of the G.