Introduction: How to Make Pallet Wood Slab From Recycled Materials

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In this Instructable, I make a wood slab for an old Singer sewing machine table that I renovated.
Most of the wooden beams were dismantled from old wooden pallets.

In the center of the slab are three broomstick rods, which help unit all the beams together.

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Step 1: Measuring and Marking Before Cutting

Make sure you don't use chemically treated wood.

made sure to pull out all the nails so there would be no problems cutting & drilling.

Step 2: Cut to Desired Size

Step 3: Mark Three Lines

I set up the planks in the order I liked, and I numbered them.

I've mark three lines across all the planks, This lines will be used to determine the position for broomsticks that will be Going through all the planks.

Step 4: Marking a Location for Drilling

Step 5: Drilling

I used a drill bit that much the broomsticks diameter.

All the beams are drilled all the way, only The outer beams were drilled halfway,

That way, the broomsticks won't be exposed, they won't be seen.

Step 6: Preliminary Match Test

Before using glue, I checked that broomsticks easily pass through all the Wooden beams.

Step 7: Glue the Boards

Eventually, the boards are glued all together.

Held with clamps for 48 hours.

Step 8: Milling the Wood

I Temporarily glued the Slab to the table with a double-sided adhesive so it wouldn't move during milling.

Later on, I also added wedges.

Step 9: And the Other Side...

Step 10: Cutting Edges

To get a clean, straight line, I sawed the edges With a circular saw.

Step 11: Sanding & Filling Cracks

First, I used Rough sanding paper and sand all the surfaces, then In the cracks, I applied wood filling.

After the drying, I sand it all again with Fine Paper.

Step 12: Painting

I painted it all with matte varnish.

Step 13: Assembly

I attached the slab to a sewing machine table legs that I recently renovated.

Step 14: Final Result

Hope you enjoy the project documentation - if there are any questions or comments I'd love to hear.
Thank you :)

Step 15: Tools and Materials:

Drill press, router, router sled, Circular Saw, orbital sander, clamps, paintbrush, spatula, Goggles, Gloves, Sanding paper, Varnish, Wood glue, Wood Filling, broomsticks, Pallet wood.

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