Introduction: How to Make Paper Bag

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In this instructables i will show you how to make a simple paper bag from cardboard sheets

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Step 1: Making Video

All the steps are explained in video and also in the coming steps. Feel free to watch the video or continue reading

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Step 2: Things Required

1. Cardboard Sheets

2. Scale

3. Scissor or Knife

4. Pencil

5. Glue

Step 3: Cutting the Sheet to the Required Measurement

Mark 67 cm & 45 cm and remove the excess sheet with a knife or scissor

Step 4: Cuts & Folds

On the one longer side measure 3 cm and on the other longer side measure 7 cm and then fold it, Which is shown in image 1

Now measure 7cm - 23 cm - 7 cm - 23 cm - 7 cm on the shorter side and fold it which is shown in the 2nd image

Now on the longer side where we measured 7 cm, cut till the fold which is shown in the 3rd image

Step 5: Joining

1st Image - in this image you can see the 3 cm fold being glued & joined

2nd Image - In this image the sides are joined

3rd Image - in this image bottoms are joined

4th, 5th, 6th & 7th image shows the finished body

Step 6: Handle

Now with the excess sheet which was left in the initial steps, Lets use that to make the handles.

1st Image - Shows the measurement of the handle. Once you make the handle join the handle to the body from inside with glue

2nd & 3rd Image - Finished Bags


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