Introduction: How to Make Paper Stars

Making paper stars is fun, entertaining, and even relaxing. There are also a handful of reasons why you can be doing it. You can be sitting around, itching to do something. A handful can be a cute gift to a friend or family. The stars can even be a finishing touch in your room, completing an aesthetic. Whatever purpose they are meant to serve, have fun with it!

Step 1:

First you want to take any piece of paper of your choosing and cut it into strips. I suggest using a paper that is computer paper size. You also want to make sure that the strips are on the long side, that way you have enough paper to work with.

Step 2:

Next take one of the strips of paper and make a "breast cancer" type ribbon at the top. Then take the excess tail that is circled and put it through the loop until a pentagon shape is formed and flatten. Don't pull it too tight, just enough to comfortably make the shape like in the second photo.

Step 3:

There will be a little extra paper sticking out after make the pentagon shape. In this step fold that onto the shape to help it stay compact.

Step 4:

Now take the long tail and fold it up so it lines up with the adjacent side of the shape. Fold it and press where the the crease of the shape is to help tail fold around side.

Step 5:

Turn over the pentagon and fold the tail down at the next adjacent side as before

Step 6:

Continue this process a few more time, wrapping the original pentagon with the tail, matching the tail up to the next adjacent sides while continuing to flip the shape around.

Step 7:

Continuation of step 6

Step 8:

Continuation of step 6

Step 9:

When there is not enough tail left to fold around: stop. Fold that last tail piece into the little sleeve (circled above) made by overlapping layers.

Step 10:

You should end up with a little pentagram shape like this!

Step 11:

Now, hold the pentagon between two fingers. Then, with your other hand, begin to pinch the points of the pentagon between two other fingers. Try to pinch inwardly in a way so the the flat shape will begin to "puff up".
Proceed to do this to all the points.

Step 12:

After you've pinched all the points the paper should have filled with air and created grooves. If so, YOU'VE MADE A STAR!!!

Step 13: The End

The stars can be any color or any pattern. You can make one or a million. I hope the steps were helpful and that you were successful in making a star. I also hope that you had, and will continue to have fun with this!