Introduction: How to Make Patriotic Bunting the Easy Way-for Memorial Day & 4th of July

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I am making more of these easy buntings for the upcoming red-white-and-blue holidays here in the US.

Step 1: Materials

2 Yards Navy Broadcloth (often found in the quilting section)

2 Yards White Broadcloth

4 Yards Red Broadcloth

Grommets, setting tools (optional)

I got all the fabric on sale for about $2/yard, so this project cost me under $18. I chose 42” broadcloth because it is lightweight and cheap. These supplies will make 3 54” buntings. Basically, you make a rectangle, accordion-fold it, secure the center, then sew the ends together down the center. I added grommets at the corners, but you can attach string for hanging instead. The grommet kit was an additional $4 at Joanns and included the anvil and setter tools – all you need is a hammer to set them.

Step 2: Wash and Dry the Fabric

Wash and dry the fabric to preshrink it. This is important because each fabric shrinks differently. Prewashing also helps prevent color-running.

Step 3: Cut the Fabric:

The dimensions are approximate, depending on shrinkage, so I am giving you my measurements after prewashing and shrinking the 42”-wide fabric. Each piece of fabric was cut into equally-sized strips the length of the 2 yards of fabric. I ironed and folded the fabric and used a Fiskars rotary cutter and cutting mat. White: Cut 6 equally-wide strips about 7 ¼” X 55”Red: Cut 12 equally-wide strips about 7 ¼” X 55”Blue: Cut 3 equally-wide strips about 14” X 55”

Step 4: Sew

Sew the strips together to make a striped rectangle with the center stripe the color you want in the center-top of the bunting. In this example, I wanted blue at the center-top, surrounded by red and white stripes. Trim it so it is square and finish the edges. I used my Juki serger to make quick work of the edging.

Step 5: Accordion Fold

Perpendicular to the stripes, accordion-fold in 2½” intervals and pin into place.

Step 6:

Sew across the center using a heavy-duty needle.

Step 7: Sew Center Seam

Fan out the ends, pin and sew the center seam.

Step 8: Set Grommets

Set grommets in the corners (optional).