Introduction: How to Make Perler Bead Art + Bonus #HMS2018

Hello, this Instructables is about how to make Perler Bead art. Notice the #HMS2018? It's because this is a student project made by a 7th grader from the Hercules Middle School. So don't expect something super professional. Ok?

Step 1: Getting the Materials

1st thing you're going to need is the materials. You need a board and beads of the color you want. You can find these items on amazon, I have a link here. You can also get them at any local craft shop as well, such as Michaels. (you also need an iron and possibly an iron board, or I at least use one)

Step 2: Finding What You Want to Make

After you get all of the materials you need, you have to find out what you want to make. You could basically make whatever you want. I like the perler beads because I can make pixel art from my favorite games. You can also make them into magnets, key chains, and that's about it. Just get a quick Google search on what you want to make.

Step 3: Making Your Art

If you are making something original, you can skip this step. The basic thing you want to do if you are making something is compare your design to the image you are using to make sure it doesn't look off.

Step 4: Ironing

This is the most important Step, why? Well, there are multiple was to iron. You are going to use the parchment paper to iron, unless you are doing the masking tape method. There is a way where you can use masking tape, but we won't go into too much detail for that you can just look it up. Basically, there are three methods to determine how your art will turn out. The first way is to iron it once you see it stick to the parchment paper. Pull it out of the board then put the parchment paper on the other side of your art, and then iron the same way. It should look like the beads are magically stuck together, but that method causes the art to become very fragile. The other method is to iron it until you can't see the holes in the beads anymore, then flip and repeat. It becomes very strong, but it doesn't look the best. Then the thing I usually do, shrink the hole just a little bit, then repeat and it should look fine.

Step 5: Cooling

After you are done ironing you need to let it cool, so set it down and its also helpful to squish it with books, or games, or anything.

Step 6: Finshed! + Bonus?

That's it, but I have a surprise for you. It's How to make-GENERIC BROWNIES!!!!!

Step 7: Brownies!

So, read the instructions on the first image. 1. Get all the things(pre-heat oven). 2. Poor the mix. 3. Add Eggs. 4. Add 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup (vegetable) oil. 5. Stir. 6. Put in oven. 7. Wait. 8. Is it ready, if not cook for 2-4 min. 9. Cool. 10. Cut into 36 pieces (4x12) for my class. 11. serve.

Step 8: Thank You for Reading!

Thank you for reading my Instructables on how to make Perler Bead art and Brownies! It really means a lot to me. I will see you, sometime, maybe. ;)