Introduction: How to Make Pineapple Hanging Light|DIY|Easy Craft & Art Tutorial

Welcome to my video, in this tutorial I made pineapple hanging light from spoons and plastic bottles. It looks very beautiful we can display in our home or give as the gift to someone special. I hope you will like it. Please like, comment and also subscribe my channel.

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Electric Cutter

Hot Glue Gun

Spray Paint Grass Green & Bright Yellow

Acrylic Color Grass Green & Raw Umber

LED Lights – 12V with Adopters

Step 1: Use of Plastic Bottle

  • I used plastic bottle to make light / lamp.
  • I use plastic spoons.
  • I used electric cutter.
  • I used hot glue gun to fix spoons on bottle.

Step 2: Coloring

  • I used spray paint grass green for leaves as base.
  • I used bright yellow on pineapple as base.
  • I used LED light DC 12 V with adopter.
  • I used acrylic paints grass green and raw umber.

Step 3: Final Pictures

Here are few final pictures of pineapple hanging light.

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