Introduction: How to Make Pink Felt Rose Wind Chime With Pearl Dangles for House Decoration

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Wanna make some beautiful wind chimes for your house at weekends? How about this beautiful pink rose wind chime with pearl dangles?

Step 1: Supplies in Making the Pink Felt Rose Wind Chime With Pearl Dangles for House Decoration:

3mm White Glass Pearl Beads

8mm White Glass Pearl Beads

6mm White Glass Pearl Beads

15x9mm Acrylic Pearl Drop Beads

1.5mm Green Aluminum Wire

Pink Felt Paper


Cotton Thread

Glue Gun

Side Cutting Plier

Flat Nose Plier

Step 2: Make the Pink Felt Rose

1st, prepare a piece of pink felt paper, and draw a flower outline pattern as pictured;

2nd, tailor the paper according to the outline that you've draw;

3rd, roll the piece from the end with tweezers evenly;

4th, glue the bottom of the rose with hot glue;

5th, repeat the procedures to make enough felt roses in different sizes.

Step 3: Make Felt Rose Dangles

1st, cut a piece of white cotton thread, thread it through a needle;

2nd, thread the needle through a pink felt rose (keep the upside of the flower down), tie several knots in the bud to fix it;

3rd, thread the needle through a 6mm white pearl bead, then through the pearl bead from the opposite direction in order to fix the pearl bead;

4th, thread the needle through another felt rose, make a knot, and add pearl beads;

5th, place the rose and pearl beads according to your own preference, making the biggest felt rose flower in the bottom;

6th, thread needle through a pearl drop bead and a 3mm pearl bead, then thread wire backward through the pearl drop bead, tie knot and cut the excessive thread;

7th, repeat above procedures to make enough rose dangles.

Step 4: Wrap an Aluminum Wire Hoop

1st, snip off a piece of 1.5mm green aluminum wire, roll it into a hoop with several rolls;

2nd, twine the last roll around the hoop, leaving enough wires alone;

3rd, build a string line as if dividing the hoop into 2 parts and twine the wires in the same way.

Step 5: Finish the Felt Rose Wind Chime

1st, glue some felt roses on the hoop as you like;

2nd, snip off another piece of aluminum wire, attach each end of it to the hoop as shown; 3rd, twine the wire to make a ring for hanging;

Step 6:

4th, tie the dangles to the hoop one by one.

Step 7:

So beautiful this pink felt rose wind chime is! I hang it on my window immediately after I finish it!

Are you impressed by this lovely pink felt rose wind chime for house decoration? With felt paper and some beads, you can also make one by following my instructions. Have a good try!