Introduction: How to Make Plastic Bottle Cap Nozzles

I show how to modify a plastic bottle cap into a nozzle. The plastic bottle cap is heated up over a candle until it becomes malleable and can stretch. A skewer is then pushed into the bottom of the cap creating a funnel shape sticking out. It is then held for a few seconds until it solidifies and is dipped in water. The tip can be cut off higher or lower on the funnel creating the desired diameter of the hole. This is a very easy project and only requires plastic bottle caps, pliers, wood/metal skewer, scissors, and a candle or lighter. It can be used as a cap for glue, sauce, cooking oil, icing, etc.

Step 1: Materials

- Pliers

- Scissors

- Wood skewer/Metal skewer

- Plastic bottle lids

- Candle/Lighter

Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)