Introduction: How to Make Pokeball Flashlight

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A Flashlight, since its inception has been a wonderful and useful gadget. A flashlight is nothing but a portable tiny light source connected via batteries controlled by a switch. The market today is flooded with variety of flashlights. They are now available in many amazing and creative designs.

In this instructable, i have also decide to make a creative flashlight that resembles the design of a Pokeball. This flashlight is equipped with a 5 mm white LED, made with mostly recycled components and is powered by 3 button cell batteries.

Step 1: Watch the Video

A video is a great tool that provides deep insight into the understanding of the procedure, however, also visit next steps for additional information and images.

Step 2: Order Parts

  1. LED 5mm (White) -
  2. 1.5v Button Cell -
  3. Tiny Switch -
  4. Hot Glue Gun -
  5. Soldering Iron -

  1. LED 5mm (White) -
  2. 1.5v Button Cell -
  3. Tiny Switch -
  4. Hot Glue Gun -
  5. Soldering Iron -

  1. LED 5mm (White) -
  2. 1.5v Button Cell -
  3. Tiny Switch -
  4. Hot Glue Gun -
  5. Soldering Iron -

From Home & Local Store: Gluestick Cap, Spare CD, Pen with spring, Aluminium foil, cardboard, Red & white paint, Plastic Ball and connecting wires.

Step 3: Let's Begin - Make LED Housing

  1. Place a gluestick cap over a spare CD and mark the boundary of the cap using a marker.
  2. Cut the marked boundary over the CD to make a small circular disk.
  3. Make two such disks from a CD.
  4. Make two holes at the center of one of the small disk and insert an LED on the silver side of the disc.
  5. The silver surface will act as the reflector for the light.Secure the LED using hot glue.
  6. Take a small strip of cardboard and smoothly wrap it in a food wrapping aluminium foil.
  7. Using hot glue, paste the strip at the edges of the disk that contains LED.
  8. Paste masking tape over the label of the other disk and pull the tape instantly to obtain a transparent disc by removing the label.
  9. Using hot glue, paste the transparent disc over the LED housing. A closed and secure LED housing is formed.
Note: Make sure to watch the video to understand the procedure correctly.

Step 4: Make Battery Housing

  1. Take 3 button cells and place them over a cardboard to mark the size of the housing for accommodating the batteries.
  2. Cut the cardboard and using hot glue paste the sides to make a battery housing.
  3. Bend both the LED legs and paste the battery housing at the back of the LED housing.
  4. Wrap the edge of a wire in aluminium foil and insert the wrapped edge in the battery housing to act as '-ve' terminal.
  5. Wrap '+ve' LED leg with aluminum foil and bend the leg such that when inserted in the battery housing it will act as the '+ve' terminal.
  6. Solder a wire on the other LED leg such that when the batteries are inserted and both the wires are made to contact with eachother the LED should light up.
  7. Make a hole at the back of the gluestick cap and insert the LED housing inside the cap as can be seen in the video.
  8. Solder a tiny switch to both the wires.
  9. Using hot glue paste the switch over the gluestick cap.
  10. Take a small spring from a pen and attach the spring to the switch as can be seen in the video.
Note: Refer to the images and the video links (time framed).

Step 5: Make a Pokeball

  1. Take a plastic ball and mark a circle equal to the diameter of gluestick cap.
  2. Cut the plastic ball along the marked circle to make a hole.
  3. Using Cardboard, make a concentric ring slightly smaller than the diameter of gluestick cap.
  4. Insert the light mechanism in the plastic ball and using hot glue, attach the ring to the ball such that the gluestick cap is locked inside the ball (see video).
  5. Paint the circular ring Black.
  6. Make a strip from a flexible cardboard and paint it black.
  7. Using hot glue attach the strip to the plastic ball as shown in the images above.


Paint the upper half of the ball with red color and paint the other half with white. Our Pokeball Flashlight is ready. Press the center of the flashlight to light it up and press it again to turn it OFF.

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