Introduction: How to Make Polymer Clay Beads :)

In this tutorial I will explain how to make polyester beads to create a beautiful necklace or bracelet.

Polymers are materials made of long, repeating chains of molecules. The materials have unique properties, depending on the type of molecules being bonded and how they are bonded. Some polymers bend and stretch, like rubber and polyester.

In my childhood I used FIMO to create thost beans and make presents to my family and friends.

There are many colors of FIMO, which allows a variety of special and interesting works. With FIMO you can also sculpt characters of animals, foods, and many more..

FIMO can be hardened in the oven at 110 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature should not exceed 130 degrees

Hope you enjoy this guide and create beautiful beads!

Step 1:

Take a small piece of FIMO and make a cylinder- 5 cm height and a radius of 0.3 cm.

This cylinder is going to be at the middle of a flower.

Step 2:

create 5 more cylinders, from different color (it could be one color or few colors) - to create the flower petals.

Step 3:

Put the first cylinder in the center, and put the other 5 cylinders around it (the petals).

Now we got a long tube in the form of a flower.

Step 4:

Now we want to take the flower and make a bead from it,

Take another color of FIMO and create a very thin roll so it can fit in between the flower petals.

Step 5:

Take a piece of FIMO of the same color and flatten it until it is a quarter inch thick.

Wrap the flower in this layer and roll the entire flower up to form a thick cylinder.

cut the cylinder by the size of the beads you want to create, and make each such piece with your hands into a ball shape.

Pass a toothpick in the middle to create a hole - and here's one bead ready :)

Now you can put it in the oven to make it hard- FIMO becomes hard when it is cured - the color and shape of the models remain virtually identical.

Step 6:

Now you can make a necklace or bracelet, and read online how to make more cool beads