Introduction: How to Make Project Test Dividers

Get supplies to started

28 pieces of cardboard (9.5 inches wide and 19.5 inches tall)

3  3 piece cardboard holder (3 mm thick)                                                                                                             

7 1 piece cardboard holder (3 mm thick)

Ruler (for accurate measurements)

Step 1: Pre-Construction

To start the project make sure that all your 3 and 1 pieces of your cardboard holders are cut down the middle so that there is a little slit where later the cardboard will later slide through.
(take picture of all 8 cardboard holder pieces, take picture of slit)

Step 2: Organization

First we started off with our 28 cut cardboard pieces.

Step 3: Label & Construct

Then we paired the cardboard by two's so there was 14 pieces left.

Step 4: Merging Items/pieces

After that we taped the cardboard all around the perimeter taping it to the opposite side of the other card board.

Step 5: Adding Iems/Pieces

When we finished doing this for every pair, we had a total of 14 cardboard pieces.

Step 6: Add More Pieces

Then taking the 14 cardboard pieces we taped them together so that the cardboard was 19.5 inches high, and was left with a total of 7 cardboard pieces left.

Step 7: Conclusion

Using the 7 pieces we sketched out an I type shape with the cardboard to work it out.

Step 8:

We connected the first row of cardboards together using a 3 piece connector. Then from that we placed an additional cardboard vertically down also connecting to that same 3 piece connector. We then added another 3 piece connector.

Step 9:

After this we had one cardboard sticking out of the I formation we had. Continuing the I formation we added another cardboard down with the last 3 piece connector sealing it.

Step 10:

Lastly we stuck the cardboard on both sides, and added the single pvc cardboard holders to the tops of the cardboard to keep them stable.

Step 11:

And then we tested to see if it worked fine.