Introduction: How to Make Pull Back Rubber Band Lamborghini in Amusement Park

As a Mom long-distance learning can be quite fun for students. I assigned a project challenge to create an object using tinkercad pieces that use a simple machine motion and relating it to a real-life experience.

Via: Vincent age 12 "Aka, Vinny Spade"

how I did this is like a year back I went to valley fair and I loved it and just got a sense of super cars about a few months later and thought put it together and made this and after a while, I got distracted and never got a chance too put it together Pic lets put it together Pic 2 So I ungrouped the car from this design and took it over to a new design plate and enlarged it 3 Pic. And I got to thinking what I could do with it so I ungrouped,flipped it and hollowed it out and took out the wheels Pic 4 and I needed to have an a connector for the axle so I took a cylinder and hollowed it out so I could put on the car to connect and remove the wheel Pic 5 and to make it go I made notches to wrap the rubber band around a notch by the back of the car and the rear axle Pic 6 and all that was left was to put it together I started with the connectors to hold the axles Pic 7 then I added the wheels Pic 8 and again group everything together Pic 9 also you have to flip it Pic 10 and last but not least you have to put the car on the amusement park and make it small Pic 11


the supplies you all you need is a computer, 3D printer, rubber bands and designs