hello, this is my first instructable . I am gonna show to to make pulsed DC without any transistors or MOSFETs. You can also use this to electrocute ur friends.


1) 2 9v battery

2) 1 motor


4) led (not compulsory)

5 ) nut with a bolt

6) a transformer

STEP 2: use the bolt nd connect it to the motor

Step 1:

Step 3: now connect one of the 2 terminals of the primary coil of the trasnformer ( if ur using a trasnformer which operates at mains voltage then use the primary of the mains as secondary , i mean connect it in opposite direction , nd it does not matter if ur using a 3 terminal input trasformer use only the middle wire nd the right side wire)

take 2 wire of the transformer nd secure one to the rotor(bolt , such that it strikes d wire when the motor spins) of the motor the other to one of the battery(b1)

Step 4:

Now using tape connect it to the metal Shell of the motor...nd then connect d other end of the wire to b1

Step 5 : connect d LED to the output of the transformer ( or u can use this end to shock others)

Step 6: now power d motor with another battery (b2)

That's it...sorry I had to keep d word limit low (idk much about this site)

Step 2: