Introduction: 5 Quick and Easy Steps on How to Make a Bento Snack Box for Your Kids

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Quick and Easy Bento Box Snack Idea for Kids | Panda and Bear Bread Cutter | Flower Cutter

Now a days, it is important to be creative in preparing snack or meal for the kids. The more colorful the meal is, the greater the variety of foods your kids might eat. Making panda and bear faces out of bread and give foods it crazy names are cool ideas. Anything cute or little is always a hit for kids. Use bread and fruit cutters to turn their food into flower shape, which kids always love.


  • Nutella
  • Peanut Butter
  • Apple
  • Bread
  • Bread Sticks
  • Fruit Loops
  • Choko Choko (chocolate cream stick)


  • Panda and Bear Cutters
  • Flower Cutter
  • Knife
  • Silicon cups

Watch our video on how to create bento box in an easy and quick way for your lovable kids. :)

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Bento Panda-Bear Cutter

Step 1: Make a Bear Face Bread

In order to create a bear face bread, you will need bear face shape cutter. Please the cutter in the middle of the bread and push it to cut the bread

Step 2: Create a Panda Face Bread

Same with bear face bread, you will be needing panda face cutter as well. Put bread inside the tool and close it. make sure you have put same pressure on each side.

Step 3: Shade Panda's Face With Chocolate

May use chocolate sachet available in store. Else, you may use plastic and make a tiny whole just like putting an icing on a cake.

Step 4: Designing Time!

To make your bento presentable in the eyes of kids, make sure you put a little creativity in there. Put some colorful biscuits.

Step 5: Cut Apple Flowers!

Nutrition is important for kids. Make sure you don't forget to add fruits in your bento recipe. Here's a little tip, make lovely fruit shapes.