Introduction: How to Make Quilling Flower Necklaces for Girls

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Wanna try something fresh? Let’s have a try on quilling flower necklace for girls! In today’s Pandahall tutorial, you will learn how to make quilling flower necklace and you must enjoy yourself much!

Step 1: Materials Needed for the Quilling Flower Necklace:

5mm wide quilling paper

3mm wide quilling paper

silver chain

lobster claw clasp

10mm pink acrylic cabochon pearl beads

8mm yellow acrylic cabochon pearl beads

white acrylic cabochon pearl beads



glue gun


white glue

quilling paper tool

rolling pen

flat nose pliers

Step 2: Make the Yellow Quilling Flower

1st, rolling 12 pieces of yellow quilling paper with rolling pen;

2nd, make the round yellow quilling paper as tear drop shapes with the flat nose pliers;

3rd, roll 2 pieces of white round quilling paper with rolling pen;

4th, paste 6 yellow tear drop shape quilling paper around one white round quilling paper with white glue.

Step 3: Make the Orange and Red Quilling Flowers

1st, make the orange and red quilling flowers in the same ways mentioned in Step1;

2nd, paste the orange quilling paper with tear drop shapes around white acrylic cabochon pearl bead;

3rd, paste the red quilling paper with tear drop shapes around pink acrylic cabochon pearl bead.

Step 4: Make the Quilling Leaves

1st, roll several pieces of green quilling paper and then make them as tear drop shapes with flat nose pliers;

2nd, paste the green leaves around the quilling flowers with white glue, please see the picture below.

Step 5: Finish the Quilling Flower Necklace

1st, add the smaller flowers on the bigger flowers with white paste and make them arc-shaped;

2nd, hang two jumprings on the silver chain and then connect the jumprings with the leaves on both sided of half wreath;

3rd, add a lobster claw clasp to connect the silver chain, showing as the picture below.

Step 6: Here Is the Final Look of the Quilling Flower Necklace for Girls:

Hey dear guys, how do you feel like the quilling flower necklace? It looks quite nice and cute, right? If you have fallen in love with it, why don’t you have a try? Good luck guys. Hope you like it and wish you a good day!