Introduction: How to Make Real Looking Paper Roses

Making Roses from papers are very easy and they will also look like real ones

In this instructable we will see how to make paper roses

Step 1: Cut Paper

  • We need 3 square pieces of paper for making one rose
  • Take one A4 size craft paper and fold diagonally to make a square
  • Trim and remove the excess. Now you can cut the left over square piece into four smaller pieces
  • Take three of the smaller square pieces of paper for making rose

Step 2: Fold the Paper

  • Take one square piece of paper and fold it diagonally
  • Make two more diagonal folds as shown

Step 3: Mark and Cut

  • Mark a semi-circle as shown on the middle.
  • Cut and remove the top portion
  • Cut a small hole at the bottom
  • Now open up the paper and you will have a flower shape with a hole at center

Cut all three of the pieces like this

Step 4: Cut Segments

  • Take one flower shape, cut and remove one segment from it
  • Take the second flower shape, cut and remove two segments from it
  • Take the last flower shape, cut and remove three segments from it

You can see all cut pieces arranged in the last picture

Step 5: Curl Edges

  • Using a plastic needle or a tooth pick, curl edges of all pieces outwards. Please see the curled pieces in the last picture

Step 6: Glue Edges

  • Take the first three larger pieces from which we cut and removed segments
  • Apply glue on one segment, fold and glue the adjacent segment over the glued portion
  • Apply glue on edges of other three smaller pieces we removed from the flower shape, roll and press
  • Allow the glue to dry

Now we have all six pieces of the rose shapes as seen in last picture

Step 7: Arrange Petals and Glue

  • Take the largest piece and place the second largest inside. Do not apply glue immediately
  • Arrange all other glued pieces inside. Adjust each piece in a different manner to see how they can be glued to make look like real one
  • Apply glue lightly and stick each piece separately
  • Our Paper rose is ready. Please see the finished one in the picture above

You can make roses with different colored papers and arrange them in a flower vase with other real flowers and leaves

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