Introduction: How to Make Remote Controlled Bulb With Arduino

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In this project I am going guide you through how to make a bulb or any appliance controlled by a TV remote, and show how to get hex codes. Follow along if you want to do this :) .

Step 1: Gather

  • Arduino
  • Breadboard
  • Jumpers
  • Relay
  • TSOP or IR receiver
  • Bi-colored LED (You can use 2 LEDs for this)

Step 2: Setting Up the Receiver

  • Arduino D2 => TSOP OUT
  • Arduino 5v => TSOP +
  • Arduino GND => TSOP GND

Now I will show you how to get hex codes from the TV remote:

Go to examples>IRremote>IRrecvdemo if the library not installed install from here (after you install the zip file go to sketch>include library>Add .ZIP library and show it where you put you zip file)

Upload the Example code and open the serial monitor make sure that you are selecting the correct COM port take your TV remote and press any button you will get a hex code. Write it down and add 0x to the code you got you will need it my code is 0x14EB18E7. << your code may varry

Step 3: Connect the Relay

Connect the relay:

  • relay vcc => Arduino 5v
  • relay GND => Arduino GND
  • relay IN => Arduino D8
  • relay COM => BULB
  • relay NO => AC L
  • BULB => AC N

Be Careful when Playing with Relays!

I got shocked Once.

Step 4: Connect the LEDs

Connect Arduino pin 9 and 10 to 2 LED like shown. I have a bi-colored led so I will use that:

  • LED1 + => D9
  • LED2 + => D10
  • LED1 - => GND
  • LED2 - => GND

Step 5: Upload the Code:

Don't forget to change the hex code. Type your hex code where I typed 0x14EB18E7 in the sketch.

Step 6: Support

Support By Voting Me. Only Your Support will Keep Me Making Instructables. :)

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