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Introduction: How to Make Ring Led Light

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Here it's a simple and easy method of making a led ring light other than going to purchase $100 expensive ring lights,The cost is very low and also a easy fun project.It's unique design eliminates the shadow from your face and in the product photography it gives professional look,It cost me only $5 to make this and the result is very good,If you don't understand something please watch the video.

Step 1: ​Equipment and Tools

Equipment and Tools you need

2 meter led white strip

Paint bucket Cap

1 packet of zipties



Drill machine

Wire Cutter

Cutter scale or jigsaw

Inch tape

Step 2: Prepairing and Finishing

Mark holes 3 times by the distance of half inches in circular motion

Place and tighten the zipties only half let the space for the led to go under it and then tighten it fully, repeat the process until it covers all the space over the cap.

Place your cameras lens inside the hole and start making video or take picture,led lights will cover the whole face or the thing in front of it eliminating the shadows and giving a professional look.

Step 3: Results

Results are very much satisfying for the beginners vloggers ,video makers or product photography.

If you like this instructable please vote it and if you have any problem making this please watch the video.

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