Introduction: How to Make Rope From Plastic Bottles

I show how to make a simple device that cuts plastic bottles into a thin band/ribbon that can be used as a durable rope. The plastic bottle cutter is very easy to make and perfect for reusing plastic bottles and turning them into useful plastic rope/string. Multiple strands can be woven together to make the rope even stronger. The plastic rope can then be melted down for a permanent hold. The cutter is made by attaching two bolts onto a piece of wood, adding about 6 washers onto each bolt. Then a blade is placed in-between the washers at the height you want the width of the plastic rope to be. The blade and washers are tightened in place with two nuts. To start cutting a bottle the bottom of the bottle is cut off as straight as possible. A part of the bottom is then cut at a slight angle and this piece is placed under the blade secured by the washers. The part under the blade is pulled while pressure is being applied to the top of the bottle. The bottle should start spinning as you pull the thin band of plastic creating the plastic rope. Pressure is applied to the bottle so that it keeps the band a consistent size and prevents it from breaking off. The plastic rope has many practical applications and can be used for anything that would require a durable rope.

Step 1: Materials

- 12 washers, 2 Nuts, 2 Bolts, 4 Small Washers.

- 2 Drill Bits

- Drill

- Pliers

- Scissors

- Razor/Box Cutter Blade

- Clamps

- Wood Board

Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)