Introduction: How to Make Rope (nautical Look)

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Did a little open/closed sign today, had no rope to finish it off with (wanted that nice nautical look). I had some thread and some time to experiment to make it work. This is the result.

Step 1: Set It Up

you'll need:
- scissors
- thread/yarn (cotton, bamboo, something soft and strong)
- board with nail in it or something suitable to hold your strands for you as you work (bulldog clips over a table edge, a door handle, a mate, whatever you have lying around)

Step 2: Make It Happen

The basic premise is to twist 6 strands (or more if you want a thicker rope) clockwise until they're just twisting up on themselves in 3 bunches, then hold them together and twist the whole lot anticlockwise. This is what allows it to stay together and not unravel.

1. Cut 18 lengths of strand the same length (however long you need, remember the length will shorten as it's twisted), bunch them in 3 lots of 6 strands

2. Tie a knot in one end of each bunch

3. Use a nail in a board (or whatever you have) to hold one bunch steady while you twist the 6 strands clockwise.

4. Twist until the combined strands are at a desired look (firm, even, not twisting back on itself too much when you loosen the tension)

5. Place a knot in the other end and hold it steady (I tucked mine under the board) whilst you twist the other 2 sections.

6. Hold all 3 twisted and knotted strand sections carefully together and twist them together the OPPOSITE way than they were previously twisted (anticlockwise). Knot off each end and you have your rope.

Step 3: Make Something You Love

This was the pallet wood project I needed rope for and I couldn't buy any, so I used what I had