How to Make Rotating Desk Lamp With DC Motor



Introduction: How to Make Rotating Desk Lamp With DC Motor

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This is a simple and effective way to build a glowing rotating lamp which doesn't need complex or heavy machinery ,can be put over your desk to or in living room ,this is a customizable item which means you can use your own color of light or can make your own favorite pattern on the rotating lamp.

Step 1: Items and Tools

Printer motor

Bulb Socket

Pvc end

Pvc 4 inches

Pvc connector

Paint bucket



Drill machine

Cutter pillar


Step 2: Attaching the Motor

I am using a printer motor which is 7rpm which is ideal for the project.Drill a hole in the socket in the motor and same hole in the pvc connector tighten it with the screw,place the motor in the center and tighten it with the screws.

Step 3: Rotating Bucket

This is a normal plastic paint bucket ,take off it's cover and make a center hole in it's bottom,make a hole in the pvc end and place it against the bucket bottom hole and tighten it with the screw.

Step 4: Placing the Light

Take a bulb holder and strip off it's side so it can be placed perfectly by the motor ,tighten it with the screw and plug in the bulb ,place the pvc piece over the motor pvc connector.

Step 5: Make It Rotate

Drill a holes in the bucket as your own choice make logos or writing or patterns it's up to you when done simple place the bucket over the motor rotating shaft , plug in both wires of motor and bulb and our project is finished.

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