Introduction: How to Make Rubber Toys (with Silicone & Corn Starch)

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I recently discovered this really neat thing you can do with corn starch and silicone...make rubber toys! The King of Random shared a video a while back that got me inspired to try it out! The possibilities of what you could make are endless and are for kids and adults alike. My favourite rubber molds were the phone case, rubber mallet, custom cozy, and the bouncy balls. This would also make a perfect quarantine project for kids!


Step 1:

First things first, make sure you get silicone one (not silicone two) and that your bottle says 100% silicone. You can use white silicone but you will get more vibrate colours with clear.

I layered my corn starch and silicone to make it easier to mix. I recommend starting with a smaller amount of corn starch and adding more rather than adding too much as it will make the silicone crumbly if you add too much.

Step 2:

You can colour your silicone using acrylic paint or food colouring.

Step 3:

I recommend wearing gloves and adding baby oil to both my gloves and working surface to help with the stickiness of the silicone. You could also use mineral oil or Vaseline. You don’t need much to do the trick.

Mix your silicone, corn starch, and paint until it is the consistency of playdough. It should not be sticky .

Keep in mind that there is a fairly short window when the silicone mixture is workable. It will start to cure and harden 10-15 minutes after you begin mixing it.

Now watch your creation come to life!

Step 4:

The possibilities are endless!