Introduction: How to Make SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY HAT Real Size and Super Easy!

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While we wait for the game to come out for sale ... We can make the SUPER MARIO HAT !!

I did it on Papercraft, since he makes somepeople that make more crafts of this type, and you already know that desires are orders ?

Super Mario is my favorite character of all video games, and to you 'Do you like video games? What is your favorite?

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

1. The materials that we will need are:

* Cardstock & Foam

* Scissors / Cutter

* Hot Silicone / Cold Silicone / Instant Glue / Stick Glue

* Template

Step 2: Print Templates

1. The first thing we need is to print all the templates.

For this, we will need 7 red cardstocks in A4 format. When you print it with 100% size, the cap will be life size. On default, it prints with around 97% size, because the printer thinks that you could miss something when a few Millimeters are not printed (which is not the case).

Step 3: Cut All the Templates

Once we have all the templates printed, it was time to cut them out.

For this I am going to use a cutter and I am going to help with a rule to cut the pieces, since this will help me to make the cuts more precise. If you do not have a cutter, you can also do it with scissors, but I find it easier in this way.

Step 4: Assembly

What we will do with a pen that no longer paint we will be marking all the lines to be able to make the folds just by the lines.

Once we have marked the pieces, we are going to fold them and look for the next piece. For this, we have to look at the numbers that each fold has. Once we have it, we paste them together and repeat the same step, mark the lines, bend and paste.

Very important:

* The model will be folded inverted. This means that the unprinted side will be outside, so there are no ugly lines or numbers on the figure.

* Dotted lines (Blue lines) = valley fold, dashed lines(Green lines) = mountain fold.

* You cannot use too little glue, only too much. It should not get on the visible parts.

Step 5: Eyes

Once the cap is finished, let's make the eyes. For this we take the template of the eyes and we will cut it, once we have it, I will pass it to foam, we can also use cardboard, but I prefer to use foam to have more relief.

Step 6: Voila!

And that is how it is, I love the result, because the cap is spectacular and super real and, although it seems difficult, it is very easy to do.
We already have costume for a costume party and it is a great idea as a gift to a friend who loves video games

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