How to Make Sambar Powder



Introduction: How to Make Sambar Powder

- Sambar powder is flavourful south indian style coarse textured powder prepared by grinding various types of basic indian spices

- This powder can be prepared in large quantity and stored in airtight container and can be used for making delicious south indian sambar

These are measurements which i gave for each and every ingredient.If you want to make powder in large quantity just double the measurements given below


- Half cup coriander seeds

- Two tablespoon bengal gram

- Two tablespoon split black gram

- One tablespoon cumin seeds

- 1/4teaspoon fenugreek seeds

- 20 dry red chillies

- Handful of curry leaves

- One teaspoon pepper powder

- Half tespoon turmeric powder

- 1/4 teaspoon asoefetida

Step 1: Dry Roast Coriander Seeds

- We need to dry roast all ingredients one by one on low flame

- First take a pan and when is heated add half cup coriander seeds and dry roast till they change little color and you get nice aroma

- Remove coriander seeds from pan and transfer them to plate and cool them

Step 2: Dry Roast Remaining Ingredients

- To same pan add 2 tablespoon split black gram,2 tablespoon bengal gram, one tablespoon cumin seeds,1/4 teaspoon fenugreek seeds as shown in my image and saute all of them on low flame till they change light brown color

- Remove the sauted ingredients and transfer to plate and cool them

Step 3: Dry Roast Red Chillies and Curry Leaves

- Now to sam e pan add 20 dry red chillies and hand full of curry leaves.You can add pepper corns or pepper powder and dry roast till chillies become crisp.

- Add half teaspoon turmeric powder and 1/4 teaspoon asoefetida

Step 4: Cool All Sauted Ingredients

Transfer all sauted ingredients to plate and cool them

Step 5: Transfer All Sauted Ingredients to Blender and Blend to Powder

Transfer all sauted ingredients to blender and blend to fine powder

Step 6: Store in Airtight Container

-Store in airtight container. This can be used to prepare sambar.

- For making sambar just pressure cook dal and vegetables and add this powder

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