Introduction: How to Make Sauteed Kale

hello guys, today I will show you the steps on how to make sauteed kale from cheap ingredients.


1.3 onions
2.4 garlic
3. 4/3 cooking oil
4.1 ladaku powder
5. 1 pack of masako
6.4 Chili

Step 1: Slicing the Ingredient

Firts , slice the garlic , onion and Chili just like from the picture above

Step 2: Cooking

second, put the oil into the pan, let the oil heat, add the garlic, onion and chile, let it take a while to add the vegetables that have been cut, let it wilt and lift it just like from the picture above .

Step 3: Final

Finally , put the vegetables from the pan and serve.

Step 4: