Introduction: How to Make Sea Shell With Pebbles | Diorama


Plaster of paris, cloth for pebbles,Black, grey acrylic color, epoxy resin , aluminium foil,weather coat& wall primer, Raw sienna & titanium white acrylic color, silver color, nail paint of pearl shade,latex disposable gloves , clear varnish.

Step 1: Pebble Making

For making of artificial pebbles I used tissue paper & soft cloth.Firstly i rolled the tissue paper & than cover the tissue with soft cloth . Cover the pebbles with plaster of paris ,let dry .For finishing i used sand paper ,now spray black acrylic color & let it dry . After drying take grey acrylic color & sprinkle on pebbles with tooth brush.Beautiful artificial pebbles are ready.

Step 2: Sea Shell Making

I take aluminium foil and place it on bowl,again take foil paper & cover the bowl like i did.Now fill half part of bowl with plaster of paris .Take out half part of shell,repeat the same process. Take out second part of shell ..,both parts are ready . I used hobby knife for finishing it. Finish both sides of it. Now make mixture of weather coat & wall primer ,apply it on inner side of shell .After finish look,combine both sides with plaster of paris .

Step 3: Coloring

Take 1 part raw sienna & 16 part water ,color the few lines of shell,now take purple color & water again make lines. Repeat the same process with green & brown color.For inside the shell silver color is used.After drying it i used nail paint of pearl shade ,it looks very beautiful pearl shade.Sea shell is ready .

Step 4: Inner Side of Shell

For making of inner side of shell i used latex disposable gloves . Use clear varnish for extra shine .Now assemble the project .

Step 5: Finial Pictures

Here are few finial beautiful pics

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