Introduction: How to Make Selfrunning Power Generator

In this instructable I will give you a guide that will help you build your own selfrunning generator with things you can get easily.

Step 1: Introduction

With technology advancing, Electric devices dominates the world. Ranging from electronics at our homes to electric bikes and vehicles, all these requires electric energy. Therefore, a reliable source of energy is needed.If you think of living an electric bill free life, then you are lucky to be reading this because this instructable will give you a guide on how to make an electric source for home consumption.

Step 2: Materials

You need the following requirements to make a selfpowered energy generator ;
1. Brushless electric motor.
2. Low rpm generator.
3. pulleys.
4. Flywheel.
5. rubber belt.
6. output socket.
7. Wires.
8. 2 switches.

Step 3: How to Do It

With all the materials ready, here are the instructions to follow to get it done.

First choose a suitable base that is about 1m×0.5m. Wood base works best as it is easy to drill holes on it.

Drill holes to hold the motor and the generator onto the base. Fit the motor in place and the generator also.

Fix the switches in an appropriate place on the base. Leave some place in the base for the battery.

Fit the flywheel to the generator and the pulley to the motor. Place the rubber belt to the flywheel and pull it to the pulley on the motor.

Do the wiring as shown in the diagram above.Press Switch 1 and leave it to run for about a minute. Press on switch 2 and switch the off switch 1 and the system should keep running by itself.

Plug in your electronics to the output socket and enjoy free energy. Battery can be disconnected but should be kept for use during repair and maintanace.

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