Introduction: How to Make Sequin Appliques

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Appliques are accenting pieces of fabric or embroidery that can be added to clothing, and accessories. I recently made a gown that called for sequin accents to trail down the back. I decided to create appliques vs sewing all of the sequin medallions by hand or with my sewing machine. In my option it will look much nicer because the applique will be flat, and have no exposed stitches on them or the backside. Appliques are surprisingly easy to create so I wanted to share with you my technique. Lets get started!


  • Sequin material (no stretch)
  • Hd Wonder Under - Available at most fabric stores

  • A iron + Ironing Board
  • A 12"x12" press cloth- A piece of 100% cotton / Canvas or any natural fabric ( not plastic- the iron will melt it)
  • A good pair of scissors that you use to cut leather, or other harder fabrics. Do not use your best sheers as sequins will dull them over time.

Step 1: Pick Your Fabric

Find a nice sequin fabric that isn't stretchy and is stitched in a way that the sequins naturally lay flat. Sequin fabric that allow the sequins to sit up wont work, the iron will bend, break or melt them.

Step 2: Wonder Under

Burn warning- HEAT YOUR IRON- You should have your iron on the hot-hottest setting. Place your iron on a ironing board sitting upright. Make sure it is facing away from you so that you don't accidentally burn yourself. Aloe gel helps encase you do touch the iron while it is on.

Get the W.U. fusible webbing out and measure out a section that will fit your fabric. Cut the piece so that the fabric is laying face up on top of the webbing. The paper should be facing down. Make sure all of the webbing is covered by fabric.

Step 3: Heat It Up

Before you begin ironing make sure everything is in this order.

  1. Iron
  2. Press Cloth
  3. Sequin material- sequins facing up
  4. Wonder Under- Webbing Facing up- Paper facing down
  5. Ironing board

You are ready to apply heat now. The iron should be very hot, which means that it will burn or melt cloth very easily and quickly. When you iron you want to move your hand in 4"-10" circles depending on how big the piece is that needs heat. The key is to keep the iron moving and do not let it set in 1 spot for longer that a second or so.

Step 4: Check Your Work

The radiant heat will build in in the fabric and the webbing should melt and fuse with your sequin material after about 1 minute. Set the iron side (upright) and let your materials cool for about a minute. Peel a small corner of your sequin material and see if the webbing comes up with it. If this happens you may continue to step 5.

If the webbing did not come up with the fabric do step 3 again for 1 minute longer. Different fabric react differently and different irons offer different heats.

Step 5: Make Your Pattern

If your material has successfully fused to the webbing you begin to make cut out your shapes. You can freehand cut out your designs or you can draw on the back side of the paper, or use a stencil to trace a design. Once you have the desired shape you can remove the paper backing to your webbing. The applique should be nice and flexible but be sure to not allow the exposed back webbing to touch its self as the webbing likes to cling, like a piece of tape would.

Step 6: Ready to Rock

Now that you have successfully made a applique you can now apply it where ever you would like. The applique will essentially be glued down to whatever you put it on so make sure you measure twice...or even 3 times before you grab the iron.

NOTE: Be mindful of the type of fabrics you are putting appliques on. Some materials are more heat sensitive and may melt or disfigure. The last thing you want is to ruin your project so make sure to test a small area of the receiving fabric to make sure it can withstand the high heat.

Line everything up and carefully place your press cloth on top of the applique. Grab the iron - the settings should be the same as before. Apply heat to the press cloth and make your small circles. You should iron for the same amount of time as you did before.

Set the iron aside and let the applique cool for a minute before touching it. Once the fusible webbing has cured you can check a small corner to make sure it is sticking. If it inst sticking, repeat this step and add a minute to your time.

Step 7: How Does It Look?

Ok! You should have successfully applied your applique to your fabric. How do you feel? You should feel like a sparkle now have the power to apply glitz to anything you want! Try different shapes, layer the appliques on top of one another, have fun with it!

Let me know if you have questions and I will do my best to help or point you int he right direction. I will be posting more sewing instructables soon so please follow if you enjoyed this one!

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