How to Make Shirts and Pants Tie Dyed and Other Imprints With Bleach.




Introduction: How to Make Shirts and Pants Tie Dyed and Other Imprints With Bleach.

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This is an Instructables on how to use reg 4 percent bleach or make a 5 percent bromine-chlorine bleach with the chemicals Sodium bromide, Potassium Hydroxide, and TCCA. Bromine and chlorine bleach is a better method since the bromine at 2 percent and chlorine at 3 percent makes a total of 5 percent HOCl (Hypochlorous acid) and HOBr (Hypobromic acid) that can bleach 100 percent cotton.

Many colors work but grey and black cotton give the best results. If you use purple cotton it turns pinkish-orange in color. Dependant on the dye of the shirt brown to Orange may result in color. Sometimes White appears to concentrate on the shirt and pants.


Cotton shirts (Long and Short) and others like shorts.



Tap water

Sodium bromide 99 percent

TCCA 54 percent

Potassium or Sodium Hydroxide

Or /And.

4 percent Regular Bleach.

10 ml glass pipette.

Step 1: Preparing the Solution of Bleach.

We need approx 10 g of Sodium bromide, 10 g of TCCA and 10 g of Lye to 400 ml of tap water. The precision of the beaker will be off by 5 percent but for this, it is not a big issue. The solution should turn yellow to orange.

Warning: Wear PPE (Mask, Faceshield, Apron and gloves) since bleach is toxic and corrosive. Never add any acid to the mixture as chlorine and bromine (very toxic gases and fumes) will be released by the acid. These solutions have lye so they can induce burns and blindness if splashed into eyes.

Avoid inhaling fumes if that is possible.

Step 2: Imprinting Bleach Over a Cd Case, Cookie Cutters Etc or Other Stuff to Give an Unique Pattern.

We want to take the shirt or shorts, etc and place them in a large waterproof bin. We can use a pipette (glass) to carefully spray the shirt and give results like a spider web or a skull-like appearance or you can take 50-100 ml of the bleach solution and selectively soak parts of the shirt or shorts and place a cd case, etc on top with something heavy for 30-45 minutes to make an imprint.

Be careful when spraying bleach with the pipette remember PPE always follow this while working with corrosive chemicals.

Here how to do with Imprint letters it a bit different but still works.

Step 3: Final Results for Some of My Shirts (1 Year Ago).

With different cotton 100 percent here are some final results for bleaching a shirt and after you are done wash and dry the shirts to get rid of the bleach and unique shirts and other pants too.

Good luck and do it safely.


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