Introduction: How to Make Simple POV

Hiii,Today I am back with an interesting project LED POV (Persistence of Vision) With this project you can display a name containing 5 letter.It is very easy project work with arduino.Don't worry if you are beginner with arduino then you should definitely try this project to understand the basic of arduino.This project is based on pov to understand what is pov visit here .when you move the wand rapidly in horizontal direction from left to right then you will see your entered Text.

Step 1: Material

Item Details Qty

1.Diffused LED Color of your choice 5

2.PCB board 1

3.Resistor 220 ohm 5

4.Arduino uno 1 buy from here arduino uno(clone)

5.Wire Cutter 1

6.Soldering Iron 25 watt 1

7.Soldering Wire 1m

8.Male header 1*6

9.Double Side Adhesive tape 1

10.Soldering flux 1

Step 2: Start Making

Take the pcb board and fit the led vertically on the pcb the negative should be at one side and positive will be on other side we will solder all the negative with each other and positive individualy.

Step 3: Start Soldering

Now solder all the negative terminal to one point and solder resistor to the individual five positive terminal of the LED.And then solder wire to the led 1,2,3,4,5 and Negative.And solder the male header to the other end of wire according to the led connections.

Step 4: Circuit and Connections

This project have very simple connections-
LED 1-Digital pin 2

LED 2-Digital pin 3

LED 3-Digital pin 4

LED 4-Digital pin 5

LED 5-Digital pin 6

All LED negative - GND pin

Step 5: Code

Here is the code you can change the text by editing the code.To change the text go to the bottom of the code and simply change the letters in the bracket only single letter can be written in the bracket.






Step 6: Finishing Up

Now just fix the arduino and the battery to a wooden stick and upload the code attached above.I Recommend to use mini version of arduino.With this project you can give signal to some one standing far from you.It is an interesting DIY project that you should try.

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Thanks for understanding