How to Make Simple Power Bank (12000 Mah+solar+90% Efficiency)




Introduction: How to Make Simple Power Bank (12000 Mah+solar+90% Efficiency)

About: Hello friends, i am a guy love to make things related to tech and main moive is to make engineering easy for everyone .so any one can use its mind to make its own circuit not to copy anyone. once…

Hello friends, welcome you to my instructable . This instructable has been made because of the reason that sometimes the cell phone gets discharged in a very useful condition , then there is a need to charge it for proper, I had made this tech that you can easily use to charge your mobile phone and get rid of this problem.and if your powerbank also lose its energy in that condition. then there is a solar panel for charging you can easily use it.

So let's start.........

Step 1: Simple Power Bank

if you don't want to read the whole instructable. then, please watch the video till end for proper understanding...

Step 2: Things Needed

> TP4056 Charging module.(Amazon or Gearbest )

if you want to use power bank circuit .then don't buy these two items. > Power Bank Circuit - (Amazon)

> 0.9v-5v dc converter. (Amazon)

> 4v battery -12 pieces.

> rainbow cable - 1m

> red led - 1piece.

> 6v solar panel -1 piece.(Amazon or Gearbest)

> Switch. - 1 piece.

> 100 ohm resistor - 1 piece.

> Diode (1N4007) - 1 Piece.

after getting all things . let's start making.....

Step 3: Making the Circuit--

Just Connect all the needed components according to the description given in video and make power bank easily. i request you to please watch the video till end .so you can understand the whole circuit and make it easily....

Step 4: Working of Power Bank--

The circuit works as that the 4v supply from battery is provided at power bank circuit and the circuit boosts the voltage to 5v which is appropriate voltage for mobile charging and also get charged by the circuit.

Solar based - when sun rays fall on the solar panel it gives 6v which is supplied to battery via a diode (1N4007) and it charges the battery.the led indication is for solar charging which is connected to solar panel with 100 ohm resistor.

and after all this. the circuit works which runs the power bank with ease and it works.

if you have any question related to this project then ask from me in the comment box.


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    5 years ago

    Goo idea but I think that the TP4056 is not designed for lead batteries. It is only for LiPo or LiIon. It may be dangerous.

    Canvas of Dreams
    Canvas of Dreams

    5 years ago

    Finally we have a cheap solution for power backup. I like the how you utilised the box to enclose all components. Adding solar panels definitely adds to efficiency. Very nicely done :)