Introduction: How to Make Simple Slime

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Do you like to play with slime? Of course you do! That is why you clicked on this Instructable after all! Welcome to this tutorial on how to make Slime! This is a simple recipe that you can do at your own home! You do not need a ton of materials, and it is a simple process! You will have your slime in no time so you can play with the slime all day and all night! Now let us get started! The materials are as followed:

What you need:

  1. Glue
  2. Borax (Sodium tetraborate)
  3. Food coloring (optional)
  4. Water
  5. A bowl
  6. Measuring cups
  7. Spoon

Now, let us proceed to the steps!

Step 1: Step One: Basic Mixing

The glue has an ingredient called polyvinyl acetate, which is a liquid polymer. So, in one bowl mix 1 oz. of glue ( so bout ¼ of the glue bottle) and ¼ cup of water. If you did grab the food coloring (again, it is not required), and you want the slime to be colored slime, then go ahead and add some (or a lot, if you want) of the food coloring to the glue and water mixture. Lift some of the solution out of the container with the stir stick and see the science that is happening if you want to.

Step 2: Step Two: Adding Borax

Now the next step that you need to do is add the borax also known as the sodium tetraborate. Add ¼ cup of the borax solution to the glue and water mixture and stir slowly. It is ok if you spill some on you, the borax will not hurt you or stain your clothes or the place you are making the slime on. Try not to spill any of the mixture, and take your time. Don't rush the mixing at all. Observe the science that is happening as the borax links the polyvinyl acetate molecules to each other, creating one large, flexible polymer.

Step 3: Step Three: Changes

The slime will begin to form immediately. Lift some of the solution with the stir stick and observe how the consistency has changed from step one. Play around with the slime as it forms if you like. Slime is very popular these days and a lot of teenagers love to make slime so it will be fun to try and see what kind of slime you make with different kinds of glue and colors. All of these steps work with the many kinds of glue, so have fun in what you are making and experience science happening in your very own home.

Step 4: Step 4: Stirring

Stir as much as you can, then dig in and knead it with your hands until it gets less sticky. This is a messy experience but is necessary because it allows the two compounds to bond completely. Don't worry about any leftover water in the bowl; just pour it out. The leftover water in the bowl won't ruin the slime, so the water can be dumped out with no problem what so ever. Again, this is a messy project, but it is ok if you spill or get the slime all over you. The slime is very easy to clean up and there will be no stains left behind on your kitchen counter, table, or whatever you decide to make the slime on.

Step 5: Step Five: Storing the Slime

The slime is ready to play with now, so go ahead and have a great time playing with the slime you made yourself. When the slime is not in use, store the slime in a plastic bag in the fridge to keep it from growing mold. If you want to make the slime again, then just follow the same steps again but mix it up. Try color, or multiple colors! You are the one who is making the slime, so you are free to create the slime however you want to. Just make sure you follow the steps and keep having a good time while making the slime.

Step 6: Step Six: Admire Your Work!

This kind of slime will get stiffer and more like putty the more you play with it. Experiment with different glues to see if they create slime. Some examples of different types of glue would be carpenter glue, tacky glue, etc. Now you can go and admire your work and pat yourself on the back. You are so awesome for making such a cool science experiment that you can play with and create all kinds of slimes. Now you can spend hours just playing with the tons of slimes that you have created. Thank you for reading my tutorial on how to make some slime. Have a good day.

-Taylor Lancaster