How to Make Ski Mask




Introduction: How to Make Ski Mask

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Video Tutorial + Instructions

Step 1: List of Supplies

***Supplies Needed***
-LINK to Pattern:

-LINK to Fabric:

-LINK to 5 inch zipper:

-LINK to Sewing machine Singer 4423

Step 2: Assembling Pattern​

The comes as a download so you will have to print it off.

-Cut out on the outside of the black line.

-Match up the shapes and take pattern together.

Step 3: Trace and Cut

Place pattern on the fold of the fabric.

-Trace and cut. Repeat for other fabric

-Cut the bottom half of the front fold. This will be where your zipper is added.

Step 4: Sewing Eye Opening

Fold open the two pieces and place the right sides together.

-Sew around just the arch of the eye opening. Do not sew down front!

Step 5: Sew Back Seam

Fold inside out and line up the right sides of each half.

-You will want to start at the top and work your way down. This will help keep everything lined up.

-Repeat this process for the other half.

Step 6: Sew Bottom Opening

Fold the face mask inside out.

-Line up the bottoms of each side. Place right sides together and begin to sew from the middle to the outside.

-If you choose to add the shoulder arch. Sew around and out. If not then sew straight out.

-Repeat this process for the other half.

Step 7: Adding Zipper

Take the front opening.

-Place your zipper right side down on the opening. Sew it down top to bottom. We recommend using a zipper foot for this step.

-Repeat this step for the other side. Pin down and line up before sewing. This will make sure your zipper is lined up.

Step 8: All Done!

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