Introduction: How to Make Slime

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This instructable will teach you how to make slime!


Shaving cream
Food coloring

Step 1: Pour Glue Into the Bowl

Step 2: Add 4 Ounces of Water Into the Glue

Step 3: Add 2 Drops of Food Coloring Into the Mixture

Step 4: Stir Thoroughly

Step 5: Add Shaving Cream and Stir

Step 6: (Optional) Add a Few Pumps of Lotion to Make the Slime Stretchier and Stir

Step 7: Add Tide Into Mixture Slowly and Mix

Step 8: Knead the Slime

Step 9: (Optional) Add Glitter and Mix

Step 10: Put the Slime Into a Container

Step 11: Put the Slime Into the Freezer for 10-15 Minutes

Step 12: Your Slime Is Complete!